FabScan Pi Server v.0.9.3

FabScanPi-Server Release v.0.9.4

The FabScanPi-Server release v.0.9.4 is ready to use. This release fixes some bugs which came with the last release.

What is fixed?

Fix: user interface connection issue when scanner is offline

There was an error which prevented the FabScanPi-Server service to start correctly when the scanner was not connected to the internet. The issue was caused by the update checkup routine.

Fix: error while scanner is connecting to discovery service when scanner is offline

There was an error similar to the issue above which also prevented the FabscanPi-Server service to start correctly. In this case the issue was related to the discovery service when the scanner was in offline mode. A workaround was to disable the discovery service in the config. This workaround is not needed anymore within this release.

Fix: fixed live stream issue for different browsers (mainly known from firefox)

Some browsers, especially Mozilla Firefox, were not able to show the preview stream in settings mode and even the preview of texture scan and calibration. This was caused by the mjpeg stream handler. The wrong frame size for jpeg images was returned.

You can update your scanner by using:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

or by downloading the new image, which already includes release v.0.9.4.

Your feedback is welcome. You can use the blog comment section or even post to the related topic in the forum.

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