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[Sticky] This Project is Open Source and Community driven.  

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here are some informations i need to say about the project. A lot of people think that we are a company or that we have a big team behind the project, but that is not true. At the moment the core team consists of less than five people at different locations.  All of us work on it during their spare time. 

Sure there is a place where you can buy the kits, but this is more or less to give you the opportunity to get all parts you need to build in a bundle for a really fair price. 

This project lives from your input, ideas and help. This can be in form of code commitments, bug reports, discussions, translations, documentation, build logs and everything else which helps us to keep the project alive and move forward.  

Have fun!



Posted : 02/03/2019 7:26 pm
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Hello all,

I bought and built my FabScanPi scanner about 2 months ago but using version 0.7.0 I have not been able to create impressive scans.

Some scans come out OK, but most of the time some problem (crash, distorted scan, etc.) shows up. Therefore AND because Mario suggested he was going to try to release a newer version, I decided to let the project 'rest' for a while.

Now, I have been a Unix/Linux-guy for decades and I will be enjoying my retirement starting next friday. That will give me plenty of spare time!

I have always enjoyed writing installer-scripts so that installing a project/package on one machine usually results in a script that can simply be run to install the software on the next machine.

I have meanwhile tried to create a script to build the fabscan-software from scratch, and I have come very far, but ended up unable to properly build/install tbb, opencv-tbb etc.

Now if someone could give me any advice (sources maybe!) on this then I would be willing to write and publish AND maintain a good working installer-script.

That might help anyone (Mario?) to build and test newer versions of the fabscan-server-software...

Kind regards, Adam

Posted : 26/07/2019 11:25 am
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Hi Adam, 

sounds great. I think I will add some developing information soon to the forum.  Like information where the sources are located, what we already have and how to build the stuff we have.



Posted : 26/07/2019 6:46 pm
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Ciao Mario, ho mandato due mail al customer service e mi hanno detto di inoltrarle al forum di fabscan lab,

di seguito potrai vedere il testo (cattiva traduzione con il traduttore) delle due mail che ho inviato...

Aspetto tua risposta in quanto volevo farlo funzionare per i primi di settembre.

Buon Lavoro a tutto lo staff di FabScanPi.......



1° MAIL.........

Hi, I've assembled everything, but the little red card doesn't work.
How should I behave?
I also showed a colleague of mine who understands electronics: the raspberry card with the program works, the rest does not work.
Waiting for your prompt reply, best regards.

P.S: if it were also possible to buy only the red card with all the components, how much would it cost?
2° MAIL.............
Good morning, not seeing the long-awaited answer, I wanted to know if there were any news about it.
The secondary board, the one that doesn't work, I wanted to restore the damage by early September, as I wanted to show my kids the new and your system to detect an object in 3D.
If there are any expenses to be faced, let me know first, or in addition to the cost of a new secondary card, you can also send me the black rectangular electronic element, I think it is a voltage lowerer.
Thank you and sorry for the insistence.
Good luck with your work.
Posted : 20/08/2019 2:30 pm