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Video manual upgrade suggestion  

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The cabinet assembly video manual from the website is of great help, but could help more users with some updating for the recent kits (I ordered mine last August through Elektor & Watterot, but assembled it just during the past days):

- change elements' mounting order: mount Rpi before mounting turntable (4th screw of Rpi is below turntable!) - hint already mentioned in the old community forum

- turntable ends up 2cm above housing floor. Can be lowered by using 1.5 cm standoff brackets on motor mounting, so turntable ends up only 5mm above floor, giving 15mm of extra scanning height.
Of course, it would be interesting to mention the consequences of (not) using the predrilled holes with regards to camera alignment possibilities.

- to mention more explicitely that original 15cm Rpi cam cable will be too short and has to be replaced with the supplied 50 cm cable (the one shown in the video) !

- Pi-cam comes with sort of white cone, explain that it is to be used to adjust cam lens focus

- assembly of the laser stand to be described (2 wooden pieces crossmounted with 2 Tie-wraps for laser as a variant of the mount shown in the video)

- cooling of Rpi: no heatsinks delivered. Due to the very low standoffs for mounting Rpi under case, ventilation is almost zero. Better solution with higher standoffs, but then the USB holes should be lowered on the case, and too high standoffs would compromise space for PiHat ??
I used thermal pad and heatsing strip glued to Rpi but used higher standoffs (too bad for losing 2 USB sockets, who ever uses them all??)


Posted : 28/02/2019 8:58 am
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You are right. The video is some days older 🙂 I think it would be better to have an additional assembly instructions part in the docs.

Thank you for the other suggestions i will try to add those points to the docs also. 

Posted : 02/03/2019 6:42 pm