Open Source 3D Scanner

FabScan is an open source 3D laser scanner. The project started in 2010 at Germany’s first FabLab in Aachen. The FabScan PI is the next generation of the FabScan 3D Scanner.

A Raspberry Pi  and a Raspberry Pi camera module are used to turn the FabScan PI into a stand-alone and web-enabled 3D Scanner.

Open Source

All components are released under the General Public License 2.0. The whole code and all design files are provided at GitHub

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The software is Browser-enabled. It works on all common Web-Browsers. This makes the FabScanPi software nearby platform independent.

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Raspberry Pi Based

The FabScanPi is based on a Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi camera module. A custom made Raspberry Pi HAT can be used to connect all needed Hardware components.

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The FabScanPi software consists of different parts. All software components are running on the latest Debian based Raspberry Pi operating system called Raspbian.

The easiest way to get started is to use the latest FabScanPi Raspbian image. All  software components and configurations are pre-installed.

You can find the latest image here.


The idea behind the FabScanPi Frontend was to make it Browser-Enabled. It can be run on all operating systems wich are able to run modern Web-Browsers.

JavaScript and WebGL are used to illustrate the 3D rendered scenes and models in realtime.


The backend is running on the FabScanPi based Raspbian operating system behind the FabScanPi Web-Enabled frontend. The backend is the heart of the software it is doing all the calculations during a scan process.


The firmware defines the smallest software component of the project. It is needed to control the hardware components like lasers, motors and led lights. It is Arduino based. The firmware is automatically flashed to the FabScanPi HAT if a new version is available.


The FabScanPi case is one of the main strengths of the scanner. It provides a scanning environment, where the ambient light can be controlled. This leads to better scan results.

The FabScanPi enclosure can be easily manufactured with a laser cutter in your local Fablab or Makerspace. All design files are open source and provided on GitHub .

All electronic components are perfectly mounted to the enclosure. The connections of the Raspberry Pi can be reached from the front and side parts of the enclosure.


The main parts of the electronics are the Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi camera module and the FabScanPi HAT.

All other electronic components, like motors, lasers and led’s are connected to the FabScanPi HAT.

The whole setup can be powered with one 12V power supply. A step down circuit on the FabScanPi HAT provides the 5V power to the Raspberry Pi.

The FabScanPi HAT is compatible to common used stepper motor drivers (A4988, TMC2100, TMC2130 etc.) But we recommend to use the Silent Step Stick motor drivers.

All versions of the official Raspberry Pi camera are compatible with the FabScanPi software.

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