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Fabscan 100 - Arduino Code Issues

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Tristan McPhail
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Hello everyone, I have been working on making one of the older versions of the fabscan (the fabscan 100) because of the shortage of rasberry pi. I was able to get my hands on all the necessary pieces except it seemed that the fabscan shield is no longer compatible with arduino. Because of this, I have used a breadboard shield and wired in the stepper motor myself. The test code works perfectly, but the official code needed for the fabscan isnt working correctly. The motor does not step, the led doesn`t turn off, and I don`t recieve a ping on my computer notifying me of a finished setup. On top of this the fabscan software isn`t identifying the code and so I cant proceed until I can make the arduino code work properly. I am wondering if the issues lies in the fact that the code is outdated or perhaps some other issue I haven`t thought of. It would really mean a lot to me if anyone out there who might know something could help me with this. Any responses are greatly appreciated!