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This is for all people who want to test the ciclop compatibility. Here are some pictures of how i added the raspberry pi to my ciclop. 

IMG 20190618 202337
IMG 20190622 214143
IMG 20190618 213818

You need to change the default.config.json to get the FabScan Pi software up and running with the ciclop. First you need to change the serial section. 

"serial": {
"plattform_type": "ciclop",
"baudrate": 14400,
"autoflash": "True",
"port": "/dev/ttyUSB0",
"flash_baudrate": 115200

14400 baud for the serial connection is needed to get the Arduino clones from china running. The port is /dev/ttyUSB0
if you are using an external Arduino with the default ciclop ZUM shield.

"laser": {
"interleaved": "True",
"numbers": 2,
"color": "R (RGB)"

The interleaved value in the laser section needs to be True.

I designed a camera mount for mounting the pi camera on the ciclop. 

pi cam mount 1 1024x632
pi cam mount 3 1024x632
IMG 20190310 223322

STL File. 


IMG 20190310 223246

Keep in mind, that the server will not start when the serial connection can bot be established.