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Range of the scanner?

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Hello, everyone. I'm interested in Fabscan for a prototype, but before even thinking of buying it, I need to know what's the scanning range of the device... The prototipe has to measure the diameter and thickness of a pipe using a scanner, and the pipes have around 1 to 2 meters of diameter (it's a real scale experiment)... The pipe length is neglected, since for that dimension I'll use a different device.

Long story short: I need to know the minimum range, and maximum range of the scanner for that purpose.

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@santiago 150x150x150 mm

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It should be possible to build it bigger, with a custom turntable and/or case. The software is able to handle that. But there will be a limit, when the camera is not able to detect the laser anymore. This might happen when the distance between camera and turntable is too big. 

Nobody has built an up sized custom setup so far. I would appreciate it, if someone proofs that.