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scanner that works

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I wish at first, congratulate the authors of the project, for this scanner that allowed me to scan objects at my leisure. Bravos to you all and thank you.
I finally managed to calibrate and scan objects using the FabscanPi. I've been here for weeks.
At first, I used a camera 5 MP (Raspberry). For that, it was necessary that I add a small calle of a coter of the led PCB, so that the green line is in the center of the plate. It works one out of five. Sometimes the scan starts and then stops after a while. It's days, I bought and install the camera 8 MP (Raspberry), and there, everything to change. No need to add calle, it was still necessary that I press slightly on the lens so that it sticks properly on its support, and that breaks the point of glue on the lens to adjust the focus. But since then I get correct scans.
I have only two small problems to solve and it's perfect (even if it works what she).
The first and the conversion to (.stl) that does not work. Each time his writing FAILED. I have to do it by hand.
The second and the addition of the second laser that will allow me to scan objects more delicate to scan. My problem and I do not know enough coding to do it alone.
Thank you again and if a charitable soul can help me, I thank her.

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