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Maths / code that takes into account the rotary angle for each laser scan aquired

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Hi all,

Very new to this forum so forgive if this is the wrong place to ask this question. 

I am trying to figure out the maths / code on how a point cloud in generated when a 3d laser line scanner is scanning a part on a rotary table?

So my main questions are


  1. Assume the laser and the camera are calibrated to each other, how do you take into account the angle of the rotary table with respect to the 3D sensor for each scan acquisition?  It is just a rotation around z for the camera by the angle that the rotary moves for each scan taken?
  2. Do you need to know the rotary center?
  3. Do you need to calibrate the rotary rotation and translation matrix with respect to the camera?

Thanks in advance

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Hi and welccome, 

i'm on vacation at the moment and i don't have the best internet connection, i will try to answer your question when i am back at home.

- Mario