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[Solved] Can I use the FabScan without an internet connection?

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Hello everybody,

as a novice in the forum but also in dealing with the FabScan Pi.

I bought the FabScan Pi kit with one laser.

Hence my first question: Is it possible to operate this scanner without the internet?

I live in Brandenburg and this state is famous worldwide for its poor internet coverage...

HAT is soldered and assembled, the current image is uploaded to Raspberry and started, registration is done.

I'm glad I got this scanner assembled with no damage (:o)). Commissioning unfortunately only ran until:


What next? Without internet !!! Is it possible to connect the FabScan Pi to a LapTop (Windows 7) like a normal scanner? Can I then use the software on this LapTop and then create STL models? With the LapTop I can access the Internet better in other places.

I would be happy to finally get help here in the forum and would be grateful for any information.

Best regards and thanks in advance

Posted by: @emw

Hence my first question: Is it possible to operate this scanner without the internet?

Yes it is.  The software is browser based but this does not mean that you need an internet connection. The internet connection is only needed for updates and the IP discovery feature.

Posted by: @emw


Fine. I guess you already know the ip address of your fabscan, due you connected to it via ssh. But a ssh connection is only needed for debugging stuff and deeper investigations when the device is not running correctly. Next start a browser ( i recommend chrome or firefox ). And point the browser to


and the User Interface will show up. 

EMW EMW Topic starter 27/01/2020 7:15 am


Hello Mario, thanks for the quick reply.
I have to confess that I haven't found the scanner's IP address yet. How can i see this?


@emw, the greatest way is, you connectet with a Router and LAN/WLAN. You login to the router and you can se the IP ...or scan the home network


If you are using a Mac you can connect to  http://fabscanpi.local out of the box. If you are using Windows you need to install this driver , afterwards you will also be able to connect via http://fabscanpi.local  

Otherwise you need to discover the ip address like @Danilo0702 mentioned in his post. 

Third option is to use a tool like Advanced IP Scanner (Windows) or LanScan (MacOS)

EMW EMW Topic starter 28/01/2020 3:57 pm


Hello Mario,
I found the address and was even able to connect using a LAN cable. The program started. I could see the image from the camera and the laser. Then the program reported that the scanner was not yet calibrated and then stopped. The message "Can not initialize UI. Try refresh Windows (Press F5)" appeared.
After F5 the connection could no longer be established and the program could not be started. I shut everything down and restarted everything. Vain.
What could be the problem?
I will definitely install the driver and will try aggain.
Best wishes