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[Solved] How can I stop / start / restart the FabScanPi server?  



I need to stop/start/restart the server manually how can i do that?

1 Answer

You can control the FabScanPi server after you logged in via ssh. 

versions <= 0.8.3 are using init.d scripts for controlling the server: 

Stopping the server:

sudo /etc/init.d/fabscanpi-server stop

Starting the server: 

sudo /etc/init.d/fabscanpi-server start

Restarting can be done by stopping and starting.

versions >= 0.9.0 are using systemd for controlling the server:

Stopping the server:

sudo systemcstl stop fabscanpi-server

Starting the server:

sudo systemctl start fabscanpi-server

Restarting the server:

sudo systemctl restart fabscanpi-server