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Doesn't work for me: Raspberry Pi + UNO HAT + FabScan-Shield

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Hi Everyone, 😀ย 

I had build the scanner. The fabscanpi.log file is OK. But the scanner doesn't work. In the OS, settings option, where can test the roundtable i had started a test. The motor didn't do anything, but the led is turned on the motor controller board. The laser didn't turned on too. 🤨ย 

I had connected just the Raspberry pi power supply (5V 2A) to the system.

I didn't found any information on watterott site of this system combo.

  • Should I connect more powesupply and where?
  • Can somebody give me a description for this configuration?

FabScan-Shield for Stepper Motor Driver - Watterott electronic

RPi-UNO-HAT - Raspberry Pi Arduino Erweiterung - Watterott electronic

Can somebody help me? 😀ย