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Changing Camera Rotation in Config File to "False" Results in Crash

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I've been working on a FabScan setup for a while and I'm very close to calibrating it for the first time.

I've run into an issue with my setup. In my build, the Pi Cam sits in its stock orientation, not rotated. After changing this in the config file ("rotate"="False"), the server will crash after attempting to start. One laser will come on and sometimes I will be able to access the web interface, but it crashes before I can change any settings on the UI.


The log file had this to say:

2020-02-29 0657,633 - fabscan.server.FSScanServer - INFO - FabScanPi-Server 0.8.2
2020-02-29 0657,634 - fabscan.scanner.interfaces - DEBUG - Scanner Type is: laserscanner
2020-02-29 0658,049 - fabscan - CRITICAL - Fatal error: Failed to enable connection: Out of resources

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This is a well known issue. The rotation value leads to an error. I will try to fix that within the upcoming release.

There is already an issue on GitHub: