Last Release in 2019 – BugFix v.0.8.1

This is the last Release for this decade. There are not a lot of new features in the new Release because the focus was fixing most of the bugs which came up with 0.8.0.

The new Release fixes the following things:

  • Download issue is fixed. You are able to download your scans again, as usual.
  • HAT Connection error (aka Serial deadlock). Have a look at the forum for more information.
  • This release introduces an auto threshold option. It can be turned on/off within the settings dialog
  • Some smaller laser calibration issues, related to the second laser support, are fixed.
  • The auto upgrade function is fixed. And should work more stable for upcoming releases.
  • Basic MeshLab Meshing function works again, as in previous versions. But i strictly recommend to use standalone meshlab. This feature only works for really simple objects.

Thank you to all people in the Forum and on GitHub who helped to fix all of this problems and thank you for all your patience! I could not achieve any of this fixes without your courageously incessant support. You are a great!

I wish you all the best for the upcoming year. See you in 2020.

– Mario

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