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What makes an ESA letter legit? - 2022 Guide




An ESA letter is only free in one circumstance: if you are already seeing a qualified mental health practitioner. Your therapist can provide an ESA letter for no additional cost, if you are one of their registered patients. Since registering as a patient also costs an amount, the ESA letter isn’t really completely free either. If you come across a free ESA letter provider online, you should be aware that it is probably issuing fake letters that have no legal credibility. An ESA letter from a fake website is as valuable as a blank sheet of paper!



An ESA significantly improves the quality of life for someone with a mental health issue. These animals are there to provide their owners with love and company that they have been longing for. To obtain an ESA, you must obtain a letter from a licensed medical health professional: a doctor, psychiatrist, social worker, etc. 


Regrettably, there are a plethora of fraudsters online seeking to defraud individuals. Offering a complimentary emotional support animal letter is one of the most common frauds out there! It is therefore recommended not to fall victim to such fraudsters.


When it comes to having an ESA letter for free, people are easily deceived online. Many websites use words like federal, legitimate, or official to gain their reader’s trust. Moreover, they will also trick you by saying, “get your letter today, no appointment, no meeting with the doctor”. Let me get one thing straight, your doctor WILL HAVE TO meet you to diagnose you for an ESA; without an appointment, if someone is offering you an ESA letter, that’s surely a scam.


Regrettably, these con artists prey on weak people eager for an ESA to improve their life. This is not just unethical, but also illegal!


Do you realize that carrying a fake ESA letter is legally prosecutable? Displaying a forged ESA letter is a felony in Canada and the U.S. If you are caught, you may face a massive fine or possibly, even jail time!


It is recommended that you talk to your doctor about getting an ESA. Your doctor will tell you how to get an ESA in a legal way, which can also be complementary, but even a free ESA letter requires you to consult with a medical professional. If the medical professional sees fit, you can get a free ESA letter. Apart from that, there is no other way of getting an ESA letter without paying absolutely no charges for it.


As you are probably aware by now, there is no such thing as a free ESA letter. Although you may find one online, it would be completely worthless. It would carry no legal weight and can potentially put you in jail or force you to pay hundreds of dollars in fines! Several websites offer free ESA letter templates; nevertheless, you should have it completed by a mental health expert.


If a medical expert advises you to reach out to a particular website only then you can trust the website. Consult your medical expert throughout the process of getting an ESA letter from a website.


Some websites offer legit ESA letters, because their protocol of providing an ESA is legit. They won’t simply hand over an ESA letter by just filling out some forms. They have set charges for the letter and they would connect you with a certified medical professional. The medical professional will assess your need for having an ESA. After the practitioner’s recommendation, the website will proceed with the further documentation and provide you with an ESA letter. 


Having an ESA letter is very beneficial, it will help you get an apartment or a house for rent hassle-free. All you need to do is provide your landlord with your esa letter for housing. Your landlord is bound by the law to provide you accommodation for the ESA. If your landlord disagrees with your ESA letter, you can file a complaint against him/her. But all these benefits are only possible if your ESA letter is legit, which is never free of cost. 


Moreover, your ESA letter is beneficial for you when you are traveling. If you are planning to fly to another state or country, you are required to inform your airline about your ESA. They will probably ask you for an ESA letter that is legally effective. Therefore, it is recommended that you get an ESA letter and provide it to the airline authorities prior to the flight, so that you can fly easily without any difficulties.


Having an ESA is beneficial for your health, without any doubt, the animal is there to provide you support and comfort but it is entirely your responsibility to take care of the animal. Do not get selfish and forget about the needs of your ESA. Your ESA is your responsibility and keeping it healthy and safe should be your utmost priority. Only then you will be able to enjoy the perks of having an ESA with you. You can apply for an esa letter online from myesaletter.net.


I hope this article helps you in understanding that there is no shortcut available for getting a free ESA letter. Your doctor may or may not provide you with a free ESA letter. After getting an ESA letter, there are several benefits you can enjoy. It is entirely your responsibility to have a legally functional ESA letter to avoid any future inconveniences.


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