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Types Of Emotional Support Canines - 2022 Guide



Patients suffering from mental illnesses are more likely to benefit from animal assistance, also known as ESA. Individuals who seek ESA as remedial therapy for their psychological disturbance report faster recovery times when compared to those who seek conventional treatment for their psychological disturbance. Having an animal as a companion, as well as the responsibility of caring for it, helps these individuals to remain mentally active and focused. However, not everyone is eligible to receive ESA when it is requested. Patients wishing to receive ESA benefits must first obtain the approval of their treating psychologist. An ESA Letter must be signed and approved by your local mental health care professional before it can be used. Once you have initiated and received approval for your ESA request, you will be able to bring your animal home and have him under your constant supervision.



It is important to remember that taking advantage of the ESA facility entails a significant amount of responsibility. You will be held accountable for the health and well-being of the animal placed under your supervision. Because of this, making certain that you can keep the animal safe and healthy is also essential. However, on the plus side, ESA can be extremely beneficial in lowering the levels of anxiety and depression experienced by patients. ESA assists them in bringing themselves back to reality and reawakening their interest in their daily activities.


When it comes to the most sought-after emotional support animals (ESAs), dogs constantly take the top spot as the most popular choice among individuals. Because of their small and fluffy bodies, numerous dog breeds are suitable for people who are applying for an esa letter for housing. These dogs are not only easy to manage and care for due to their small body size, but they also provide significant emotional support to the people who own them.


It is critical to select the most appropriate dog breed for your needs and lifestyle. Dogs that are smaller, pliant, and well-behaved are ideal for use as ESAs because they require less energy and are easier to care for than larger dogs. In the following section, we've narrowed down some suitable dog breeds that you can get for yourself if you're a service animal.


Labrador Retriever


Because of their gentle nature, Labradors make for some of the best ESAs around. In addition, because they enjoy receiving treats, they are simple to train and tame as well. If you live with your family, adopting a Labrador retriever may be the ideal pet for you because they get along well with everyone, especially children.


Shih Tzu


Because they are affectionate and humble dogs, this breed is particularly popular with senior citizens. Their bodies are compact, but they are strong. They can take long walks, but they become easily exhausted. Because they shed less hair, it is simple to brush their fur and keep them free of tangles and mats. Individuals who own hypoallergenic dog breeds, on the other hand, must exercise caution when it comes to infection prevention, which is particularly important. The fact that these dogs shed fewer means that bacteria can more easily accumulate on their skin and fur.




Pugs are one of the most adorable dog breeds on the planet. Finding yourself in the presence of a pug can instantly put a smile on your face. These animals are also skilled at sensing the emotions of their owners and actively working to lift the emotions of their owners, which makes them an excellent emotional support animal letter for people with emotional difficulties. However, the only disadvantage of adopting a pug is that they are not permitted to accompany you on airplane flights. For this reason, if you are a person who must travel frequently, a pug may not be the best option for you.




These tiny and adorable dogs are well-known as ESAs among the elderly population. They are an excellent companion for senior citizens due to their small size combined with their affectionate personalities and low shedding. They are intelligent and cheerful animals that have the potential to be an effective treatment for people who are suffering from mental illnesses.




Because of their fluffy and cheerful nature, Pomeranians are also one of the most sought-after dog breeds as an ESA. These dogs adore being in the company of their owners, who give them consistent attention and affection in return. Training a Pomeranian to be your constant companion in times of loneliness requires little to no effort on your part, which makes this breed an excellent choice for people who suffer from severe anxiety disorders or depression.




Chihuahuas, like poodles, are known for their cheerful and energetic personalities. They are also excellent companions for seniors. Under their hyper and overexcited nature, they keep their owners constantly on the move. Although they can be difficult to train, Chihuahuas are the most popular canine companion for people suffering from depression.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


When compared to most other sought-after ESA breeds, this breed is quiet, reserved, and low energy in the great outdoors. Individuals suffering from severe depression, on the other hand, will find them to be an easy choice because of their low maintenance and easy-going personality. These dogs will use up the bare minimum of your energy, but in exchange, they will assist you in regaining your mental equilibrium.


The Boston Terrier


The Boston Terrier is also one of the most popular companions for senior citizens who require an ESA. These dogs are well-behaved, easily tamed, and generally content. They can be difficult to control at times, and strict discipline is required to keep them under control. Because they also require less grooming, they can help seniors save a significant amount of energy and hard work by doing so.




Maltese is a gentle, yet overly affectionate dog breed that loves to cuddle. Despite their small stature, they are extremely adventurous and physically active. They will always keep their owner on the move because they are an ESA. Their fur becomes soiled easily since they are predominantly white, necessitating regular cleaning and maintenance. Their hair is also less prone to shedding, which adds to the benefits of Maltese as an ESA for seniors. For more information, do visit realesaletter.com.


There, you have it. A list of some of the most popular dog breeds that people are looking for to serve as their emotional support animals for them. Give this list a thorough read, and we are confident that you will be able to find what you are looking for. Wishing you the best of luck.


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