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Ciclop support.

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Things are almost done. I have tested a hardware setup which works. The server can be configured to use the ciclop hardware setup, even the original Arduino board (aka ZUM shield) can be used. 

The cilcop support is part of the release for the second laser. All things will be within v.0.8.0 (planed release date is mid. of august 2019)

IMG 20190618 202337

The board is powered by a 12v Power supply. A step-down circuit is used to provide the needed 5V power to the Raspberry Pi.

IMG 20190622 214143

Raspberry Pi and Ciclop are both mounted on a wooden plate. 

IMG 20190618 213800
IMG 20190618 213818

Do not expect too much. This will be a first version which works but there might be still bugs. 

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Assuming that since the /develop tree with 2 laser support hasnt moved over to the release tree, that it's still a work in progress.  Happy to test whenever you say it's ready.