FabScanPi-Server supports now Python3

FabScanPi-Server Release v.0.9.0

It is done. After a lot of work we finally ported the FabScan Software from Python2 to Python3. Reason enough for a new Release. But that’s not all. A lot of fixes and other optimisations are also part of this release.

General Bug Fixe

A lot of well known bugs are fixed within this release. Such as an issue which appeared when the rotation values in the config were changed. Some Firmware issues since 0.8.2 are also fixed now.

New Features

This version does not bring a lot of visible new features. But we decreased the scan time a lot. Scanning is now 4.5 times faster than before. This was reached by a couple of refactorings of the multiprocessing units.

Breaking changes

There are some breaking changes in the config file. The most common change is the Baudrate for the serial communication. It is set to 115200 by default now. This is another thing which decreases the scan time a lot. So if you want to use a backup of your old config, keep in mind to change this value.

A complete list of changes can be found in the changelog file on GitHub. Even more Information and communication can be found in the Forum. Your Feedback is welcome.

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