FabScan Pi Server v.0.9.3

FabScanPi-Server Release v.0.9.3

There it is! The FabScanPi-Server release v.0.9.3. This release brings more stability and fixes some major bugs which came with the latest  release.

What is fixed?

This release is a bugfix release. A couple of bugs in v.0.9.2, which are reported in the forum, are fixed within this release.

Fix: PLY file saving

This fixes the file saving problem. PLY files are now saved correctly and not even as corrupted files. You can download the scan results without problems now.

Fix: Scanner freezed while texture scan

Fixes a bug which leaded to a dead lock while scanning with texture.

Fix: Camera thread handler cleaned

The camera threading handler had a bug which prevented a proper cleanup. Camera threads are cleaned and finished now. This saves a lot of memory and processor power.

Fix: MJPEG live video stream

MJPEG streams were not stopped in different browsers, when the stream was stopped via the frontend. This is related to a bug in the mjpeg protocol handling of different browser. I added a workaround which stops the streams in the backend, when the camera is stopped.

Fix: General Memory Leak

A couple of general memory fixed were made. This saves a lot of memory and makes the whole software more stable.

Refactoring:  Number of texture scan processors

Texture scan processes are reduced to a needed minimum. That saves memory and cpu power.

Refactoring: Logger Outputs optimized

The logging was refactored and switched over to a more pythonic approach.

As usual a new release brings also a new Raspbian image. The new release can be downloaded here.




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