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Fabscan still instable - changing voltage regulator, adding second servo for second laser?

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Posted by: @micha_ac

but this odd forum doesn't allow the filetype log

Feel free to use the FabScan Discord server. 

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As on every open source project ;)
Any opinion on my camera setup? Can you see what's faulty? Or any idea why I got so many errors in the log file?
Or is my camera faulty?


//edit: I'm more an oldschool user... I prefer forum over chats (like discord or previously slack...). Just in case anybody else has the same problem and my solution might help others.

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Hi Micha;


Try to calibrate with calibration holder, your calibration sheet looks like back tilted and very close to center. Also be sure to checkers paper sticked flat to surface.


Check your config file and edit for your setup.


Center the camera.


Change the exposure settings before calibration.


If you have case lid, keep it closed.


Fresh install of fabscan to sd card, update of fabscan and OS.


By the way i am not an expert about project, just trying to share my experiments which solved my some problems. 


Deep digging in forum will be helpful.


Good luck.

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