Official FabScan Community – Discord Server Launched!

We just launched the official FabScan Discord Server! You can use the invite link for joining the server.

The Discord server will not replace the FabScan Community Forum. It will be just another modern way to bring the FabScan community together. Just use Discord for connecting with other users of the community. There are channels for a  whole bunch of topics.

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Server downtime for more than 48 hours.

Perhaps you noticed that the server was not available for more than 48h. The reason for this was an error caused in the data center of’s hosting provider. Unfortunately, the flow of information about the incident was not very informative.

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FabScan Pi Server v.0.9.3

FabScanPi-Server Release v.0.9.3

There it is! The FabScanPi-Server release v.0.9.3. This release brings more stability and fixes some major bugs which came with the latest  release.

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FabScanPi-Server supports now Python3

FabScanPi-Server Release v.0.9.0

It is done. After a lot of work we finally ported the FabScan Software from Python2 to Python3. Reason enough for a new Release. But that’s not all. A lot of fixes and other optimisations are also part of this release.

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FabScan Pi at Open Lab Night on Youtube

Since the Makerspace of Freie Maker e.V. is closed, caused by the corona crisis, some members of Freie Maker decided to stream live on Youtube every thursday at 9 p.m. (CET). The next show will be at 23th of april 2020. The upcoming show will be a FabScanPi special.

You can ask your questions live on Youtube. The whole show will be in german. Maybe there will another show in english. We will try to translate the Q&A session in an additional blog post. Feel free and join the show.

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