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my FabScanPi modifications (with pictures)  

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Hey Guys,

... first apology for my english & thx to google translate. 😉
By popular request, I have summarized the german Topic RPi-Fabscan-Hat in English.
I will assume basic RPI skills. Otherwise, before you ask, please use Google first, successfully searches e.g. "Raspi + [search term]" / "RPi + [search term]" / "Raspberry Pi + [search term]". THX

RPi-Fabscan-Hat -> Pins used by Raspi: 

PIN | GPIO(BCM) | WiringPi | Name  | Function
  8   |         14           |       15        |  TxD      | serial
10   |         15            |       16        | RxD       | serial
  7   |           4           |         7        |  1-wire | autoreset

What I have done. ->
(1) added a Power switch for shutdown and restart
(2) added a two-color LED  [red / green]
(3) made a controller script [I called it fabscanpi-extender.]
(4) added small 12V PC fan with 5V switch
(5) Camera direction adjusted with small pads
(6) Covered inside with matt black adhesive foil [from the hardware store]. I have covered all the holes to avoid the light from outside.
(7) anything that is too heavy to cover, just painted with a big black permanent marker.
(8) added narrow strips of orange paper strip to adjust the laser. Because the foil swallows so much light that the software stops showing laser overlay.
(9) made more stable laser mounts and screwed on
(10) 8GB SD-Card replaced with an old 2GB SD-Card [only for booting] and 2.5 inch USB HDD [20GB] added.
(11) made changes in /etc/fstab for HDD. Added a Swap-Partition on HDD and disable the swapfile.
(12) added 'max_usb_current = 1' to /boot/config.txt -> for the hdd to get enough power.

The Hat have a FPC40 with a Pitch of 0.5 mm and is routed directly to the Pin-Header of the Raspi (all Pins).
Here a Link to an Adapter with foilcable (fair priced), that can directly connected to the Hat.

The fabscanpi-extender with description can be found here. LINK
(The State -> is scanning or not, could be wrong because i am only look how much memory is used.)

My current Softwareversion is: Server: v.0.7.0 / Firmware: v.20190211

To all who ask about the 2nd laser.
It does not work in the current version, but Mario is working on it (hope in the next release).
I have translated the WebGUI into German (quick & dirty -> for myself) and found in the scripts on a few out commented lines. I changed this Lines to see the 2nd Laser in the WebGUI. But you can also send all commands via serial console to the HAT.
G00 [T(steps)]; - linear move
G01 [T(steps)] [L(steps)] [F(feedrate)]; - move
M17; - enable motors
M18; - disable motors
M19; - turn left laser on
M20; - turn left laser off
M21; - turn right laser on
M22; - turn right laser off
M100; - this help message
M114; - report position and feedrate for now I have written enough. Here are the pictures of my remodeling work. (I hope I get all of them in this one post.)


1 Front
2 Bottom 2
3 Inside 2
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...and with HDD.

4 Bottom  HDD
Posted : 01/05/2019 9:31 pm
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Good modifications! I am already considering to do some of them to my fabscan!

Can you give me a link to your: fabscanpi-extender ?  I cannot find it in your posting.

Does the HAT supply enough 5Volt power to support a Pi, an HDD and a fan? Or did you add a separate 5V powersupply?

Posted : 02/06/2019 9:49 am
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I don't know what he uses for supplying the 5V. But I recommend to use a big 5V power supply, if you plan to add a lot of 5V consuming devices to the FabScanPi. The power plug in the kit does deliver a max. of 3000 mA. 

Posted : 02/06/2019 9:56 am
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I did find the 'extender'! Pressing the 'LINK' took me to github!


Posted : 02/06/2019 10:15 am
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I use the complete set of Watterott, there was a 12V / 2A power supply and a 5V / 2A voltage converter included. This works fine (at least with my HDD). To increase the USB current limit from 600 mA to 1200 mA, set the appropriate boot parameter -> point (12) in my first post.

The 'fabscanpi-extender' is hosted on github.  😉

Here again the link to the fabscanpi-extender:

e.g. 'git clone '
The scripts are located in the folder "fabscanpi-extender".

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