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RPi-Fabscan-Hat firmware documentation

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Hi there,

I saw the whole control is done over the serial port by using some G-Code style command set.

So I would like to use that one but did not get it running out of the box.

So is there some documentation available for the RPi-Fabscan-Hat interface?

If not, I would be interested in the following:

What settings are required for a working connection (beyond port name and baud rate, e.g. is flow control required ....)

Is the a init sequence required

How to adjust the lightning conditions

A full set of available commands

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sorry for the late response. The HAT itself communicates over the serial pinout of the Raspberry Pi. The accepted baud rate is a value which can be set in the firmware config. By default it is 57600

If you want to change it, you need to recompile the firmware. 

The part where the FabScanPi software connects to the FabScanPi HAT can be found in the serial driver files:  

I added a G-Code documentation to the in the firmware repository.

The best way to start would be to connect with a serial terminal to the HAT. There is already a topic related to this

- Mario